Security Services in Texas

Shadow Protective Services Inc. is among the most reliable and highly trained security firms in Texas. We offer a variety of customize security programs to fulfill all your safety concerns. We provide dependable, discreet, and trustworthy protection for private, commercial, and corporate clients. Our comprehensive proposals are custom tailored to address all your security needs, and at a competitive rate. From random patrols in your homeowner’s association (HOA) community to executive protection (EP), our officers can handle whatever services are needed to ensure your complete peace of mind.

Alarm Response

The majority of alarm companies do not have any type of patrol service to respond to your home or business should your alarm be activated. Most rely on local law-enforcement which can be extremely overwhelmed with priority calls such as accidents on the freeway and domestic violence. This means that there is a decreased response time to your alarm because it is simply not a priority at that time. It is very important to keep in mind that after your loss system is installed, they also monitor your system for a small monthly fee and solely rely on police response. SPSI can’t respond if your alarm system with any provider if it is activated. Notify your alarm monitoring company to call us as well as the appropriate local authorities.

Home Owners Association (HOA)

Statistics show that most burglaries take place during the daylight hours when no one is home between 10 AM to 3 PM. When you think of your home, you think of it as your haven. In an open and sometimes volatile society, your home should be a sanctuary. Your home is the one place where you have control over who can come in or get close to your property. Protecting your home and family from criminal activity should be a high priority for you. We are at Shadow Protective Services Inc. offer many different security services to ensure your home is extremely secured both days and nights. As a licensed security firm in Texas, patrol services for your home is available 24 hours a day or on an as needed basis.

Apartments / Condominiums

Shadow Protective Services Inc. has been consistently providing services to communities either gated or non-gated. Our experienced security officers know what to look for in closed community situation to keep the residence and property safe from vandalism, theft, or personal attacks. The overall purpose of a gated residential community is to provide higher privacy, security, and exclusivity for its residents. Most gated communities have restricted access Privileges to enter the property but unfortunately, this is not keeping the criminal activities out of these communities. SPSI provide security office in order to have a highly visible security presence in order to obsessive, report, and deter criminal activities.

Narcotic Detection (k-9)

The possession and use of illegal substances are not just a health problem but also a safety problem especially in schools, and businesses where the potential for negative consequences is extremely high. SPSI can help you take a proactive stance in minimizing the presence of illegal drugs and improve the safety of everyone involved. Not only do the canine teams search for and detect contraband, they also serve as an effective deterrent. Individuals carry legal substances will often refuse to enter a location when they know the narcotic canines are available.

Narcotic canines assist in creating a drug-free location and ensures a more safe and secure environment for both students, teachers, employers, employees etc. For businesses, this service can improve productivity, decrease workplace accidents, and overall employer liability. It also demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of employees. Narcotic detection canines can easily detect contraband in hidden places through random searches which limits the intrusiveness on employees and has little impact on daily workplace activity.

Patrol Service

Shadow Protective Services Inc. uses the best, most professionally-equipped vehicles in the industry. Patrol vehicles are clearly marked and resemble local law enforcement models. Patrol Officers can immediately dispatch local law enforcement, paramedics, and fire with the on-board digital-radio dispatch system. The patrol vehicle are outfitted as a police package which consist of an on-board computer, a digital radio system, a digital camera system, spotlights, and traffic advisory lights. Emergency equipment including a first-aid kit, traffic cones, fire extinguisher, and jumper cables are also included. Each patrol vehicle computer system can send reports directly to the client as needed.

Shadow Protective Services Inc. patrol division maintains highly-trained security personnel that are trained and maintain certifications for the use of their baton, pepper spray, handcuffs, taser and firearms. They are required to requalify with every tool they carry every three to six months depending on their area of operation. Each patrol officer maintains a valid driver’s license and must maintain a clean driving record. Our patrol service includes property lock-ups, securing pool gates, laundry and recreational rooms, parking gates, offices, building structures, etc. Our patrol division also issues citations for illegally parked vehicles, disturbances, nuisance calls, and enforce property standards.

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